Ralph Bakshi-0

He was the voice of Agent John Sulfur in The Flash when

Sally discovers a camera, and turns on the Flash to witness after

the big bang.

Born: Oct 29, 1938 (age 78) ·Haifa, Palestine

Sally Sulfur (1998) Agent John Sulfur

Non Sally Sulfur

Fractured Fables (1967) N/A

James Hound (1964) Creator (Dayton Allen)

The Mighty Heroes (1969) Creator (Hershel Bernardi)

Sad Cat (1965) Creator (Bob McFadden)

Terry Toons (1956) N/A

Hey Good Looking (1982) Director (Richard Romanus)

Tatter Town (1988) N/A

Fritz the Cat (1972) Director (Skip Hinnant)


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